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Adult Program

Adult Program

The Thelma McMillen Recovery Center at Torrance Memorial is an intensive outpatient program for adults who are ready to get clean and sober within the framework of their real lives – without interruption. Our program provides a combination of individual, group and family counseling, along with educational, mentoring and support programs.

Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to creating a comprehensive and personalized treatment program that meets the unique needs of each individual. Your experienced support team with be comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, addictionologists, counselors, family therapists and support staff.



About Our Program

Our adult outpatient program is specially designed for clients age 18 and older who need an intensive, structured program to get back on a healthy path, but do not require inpatient care. Our patients may choose either a daytime or evening program to accommodate their schedule, allowing them to continue attending work or school and living at home while receiving the support they need to get — and stay — clean and sober in their community.

The team at the Thelma McMillen Recovery Center will provide a combination of individual, group and family counseling to provide the highest level of recovery care. We also offer:

  • yoga
  • case management
  • relapse prevention
  • mindfulness training
  • relationship and communication skills training
  • coping skills training
  • support programs that promote healing of the mind, body and spirit


Our staff has developed an exceptionally strong alumni program, which provides ongoing support for clients who complete the intensive outpatient program. Our center also participates in outreach and is a presence in the local 12-step community.

We are affiliated with Torrance Memorial Medical Center and supported by the McMillen Family Foundation. Each of our clients will receive the highest level of consistent, affordable and personalized care from trusted, experienced professionals who follow evidence-based treatment guidelines — all in a safe and stable environment, with complete confidentiality.

How We Can Help

  • Identify alcohol and/or drug misuse, abuse and addiction and provide expert treatment
  • Address underlying disorders, such as anxiety, depression, trauma or other mental health conditions, if needed
  • Provide support for adults and their families during recovery
  • Provide adults with effective strategies to help them cope with stress and other concerns in a healthy way
  • Prevent unintended negative consequences of alcohol and/or drug misuse, abuse and addiction, such as relationship problems, legal issues and health issues
  • Help adults end the pattern of substance abuse and addiction and build a strong support system in their community


What to Expect

Our experienced providers will perform a confidential, one-on-one assessment at no charge to determine whether you or someone you know is abusing or dependent on drugs or alcohol. If our intake specialists determine that our outpatient treatment program is a good choice, we will create a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan. You will be provided guidance if our intake specialists feel that an inpatient treatment program is needed.

After your initial screening, our staff nurse will complete a health screening. You may also meet with our dedicated psychiatrists to discuss your unique treatment needs. Outpatient treatment will not be effective if the client has an unstable home life, poor support system and is unable to stay clean for at least 24 hours.

Our affordable, confidential program typically lasts nine months and is divided into three phases:

  • Phase I – Intensive Care: Attend treatment five days a week for approximately six to eight weeks.
  • Phase II - Transitional Care: Attend treatment four days a week for approximately four to six weeks with the goal of gradually tapering down to weekly treatments during the last phase.
  • Phase III - Continuing Care: Once weekly, typically lasting six months. 


Throughout the program, you will continue to attend school or work, live at home and recover in your everyday environment. You will be able to maintain relationships with your physicians, psychologists and counselors in the community while developing a positive social support network within the framework of your everyday life. Our program also will provide you with strategies to help you cope with stress and other concerns.

We offer individual family and multi-family counseling to address issues such as communication, conflict resolution and healthy boundaries. During treatment, adults and their families are highly encouraged to access other community-based sources of support, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Smart Recovery, or spiritual care. Traditionally, many of the self help groups meet at the Torrance Memorial campus, though this may be affected by the pandemic.