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Thelma McMillen Recovery Center Offers TeleHealth Services Along with It’s In-Person Outpatient Treatment Program
February 10th, 2023

Getting the care you need when you need it is essential

At the Thelma McMillen Recovery Center, we understand that everyone’s addiction story is unique, and we design personalized treatment plans that cater to the individual. Our IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) is conducted in person, but we are able to offer a virtual/telehealth option as well,  individualized to support each client’s needs. Offering the flexibility required for attendance limited by schedule, transportation, illness, or geography, so clients can get the help they need and deserve. Clients work with a therapist to design a program of virtual and in-person sessions dedicated to helping members return to a full and rewarding life.

Your well-being and recovery are our top priority at all times and the entire counseling staff at The Thelma McMillen Recovery Center remains highly committed to your care.

For access and more information, please call:

Adult Program 310-784-4879

Teen Program 310-784-4879